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The Accidental Millionaire

Feb 12, 2021

Kimberley and Darren are doing their first Q&A episode! You asked and they answered with the humor, honesty, and wisdom that we've come to expect.

Q: How did you/how do you raise respectful children?

They touch on their family rules (they had 2 non-negotiable) and they made expectations clear. They also share the differences they see in how children are raised today.

Q: How so you manage employees and/or teams?

Darren shares how he did this as a business owner and how what he'd do differently now. Hear how he explains how the responsibility of employees made him feel – it’s probably not what you expect.

Kimberley loves having teams, even though she admits she isn't a huge team player. Hear her management philosophy explained and the reason she continues to embrace it today.

Q: What three lessons have you come away with as life-long business owners /entrepreneurs?

They share such helpful info here. They could have expanded this to an entire episode. If you own a business be sure to listen and take action on their practical and helpful advice.