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The Accidental Millionaire

Dec 18, 2020

The steps to growing wealth are often steep, slippery and sometimes you can fall along the way.

Kimberley and Darren go back to the “penny” days of their early years. Living paycheck to paycheck was their norm when they first married. Buying their first home, was the beginning of connecting to their money. It...

Dec 4, 2020

Why family business? Kimberley and Darren have had 3 (so far) and they explain how that’s worked for them. Is a family business a good idea for you?

Kimberley explains that she wanted to raise her children to be independent, but they hoped they would stick around and work in the businesses.

Everyone wants their kids...

Nov 20, 2020

Kimberley and Darren are talking about big life changes. Find out what it’s like when you stop working (at the only job you’ve ever had) and find yourself wondering what do I do now?

How do you create space for the things you want in life? Darren shares that his default was to work, stay busy and be active. Making...

Nov 20, 2020

Darren and Kimberley are back with a couple of aha moments realized when they were on a walk. Darren shares how he fell into his career of 43 years. It brought him money and esteem in the community. In case you don’t live in Edmonton, he’s the “door guy” and spent 43 years at his (one and only) job.

It wasn’t...

Nov 20, 2020

Kimberley and Darren are sharing it all on their podcast. You’re going to love hearing how they navigate a busy, successful life and almost 30 years of marriage. It wasn’t the easiest beginning, but you’d never know that now.

After 3 months (give or take) they eloped! No one knew what they were up to. They explain...