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The Accidental Millionaire

Jan 29, 2021

Today’s episode is about succession planning. People with a more traditional career have an expectation that the day will come to retire. Both employer and employee understand (in theory) how that works.

When you own a generational business, you don’t retire. Succession planning is how Darren went from working for...

Jan 15, 2021

Today Kimberley and Darren are talking about the W word. Wealth.

Talking about money is hard for everyone. People who have it, people who don’t have it, and everyone in between.

Is there a dollar amount that means you’ve arrived and are now wealthy?

Do you have a number in mind? Kimberley and Darren explain...

Jan 1, 2021

You’ve asked about the kids so in this episode Kimberley and Darren share about their blended family. The kids were young when they met and married. When they brought their 2 families together, it was a challenge.

Both were the primary care giver of their children when they married. Darren has two daughters and one...