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The Accidental Millionaire

Mar 19, 2021

Darren and Kimberley are in their home on the Sunshine Coast. After a short break recording, they are ready to jump back in.  

Today’s episode about dreams and dreaming is typical Darren and Kim. Fun, enlightening and inspiring.  

What’s your BIG dream?  

Kim asks how do we test drive that? How do we go from dreaming the most amazing life to trying it on for real?  

How do dreams go from fantasy to real life?   

You’re going to love hearing how Darren realized his dream to have his pilot license. He shares why it felt out of reach for him for so long (it’s not what you’d expect) and what shifted to make it his reality.  

Hear Kim’s method for making her dreams her reality.  

When dreams start to come true, how does that impact life? You’ll be inspired when you see how things that feel out of reach might be much closer than you think.  

What are you doing to make your dream a reality?  

Do you need to go try it on? What’s stopping you from taking that next step?  

Do you feel like dreams are for other people?  

This episode (and the rest of this season) Kim and Darren want you to embrace dreaming. Together they will show you how to make those dreams feel tangible and attainable.  

Your dreams are not for others, they are for YOU!