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The Accidental Millionaire

May 27, 2022

Corene Phelps joins in the conversation with Kimberley today to talk about how the key to true wealth and success begins within us. 

Corene shares from her own personal experience as a single mom, how her driving force was to keep her daughter from feeling the impact of being from a single parent home. 

This became the driving force for her. The more stressed she felt about needing money, the better she worked. She describes becoming addicted to feeling under duress, feeling the fire under her, when she was buried under a tremendous amount of debt. Which created a long pattern of creating debt and paying it off, and the cycle would repeat. She became super resourceful and creative and really liked that “feeling”. But then she began to imagine what life would be like without the “fire” and how much more fun and successful she could be if she wasn't stressed out. 

Corene’s financial journey has gone from being heavily in debt, only being able to produce money while under duress, to being able to pay off her debt, connecting from within, finding her own inner value and worth - through tapping into the infinite possibilities of the subconscious mind. 

Corene is obsessed with tapping into within to find infinite possibilities that are waiting to be discovered. She coaches high performers, visionaries, CEO’s and people who know they are destined for so much more to find their wealth and leadership from within.

Have a listen, I guarantee you will identify with the conversation and find some takeaways for how you can start growing wealth from within! 

To find out more about Hypno Breathwork and Corene Phelps head to her IG @corene.phelps

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