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The Accidental Millionaire

Nov 20, 2020

Kimberley and Darren are sharing it all on their podcast. You’re going to love hearing how they navigate a busy, successful life and almost 30 years of marriage. It wasn’t the easiest beginning, but you’d never know that now.

After 3 months (give or take) they eloped! No one knew what they were up to. They explain how they merged their wedding with a company event and drove home in a bit of a daze.

Blending a family of 4 kids and two households meant taking care of a few things. First up, new beds and a new car. You have to know this about both Darren and Kim; they were (still are) very independent people who both had a strong opinion about the new car.

Lesson: Discuss big purchases before you get to the dealership.

When they married, Kim had a great job and was making good money. The needs of 4 kids and a busy household meant they needed to make some changes so Kim quit her job and Darren was financially supporting the family.

Lesson: Everyone has a money story.

Family finances aren’t always easy to discuss. Kimberley shares how an innocent trip to the ATM years ago has stayed with her. Humble beginnings were truly their reality. It’s great to hear how they felt then, and how they can look back now with a new perspective.

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