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The Accidental Millionaire

Nov 20, 2020

Kimberley and Darren are talking about big life changes. Find out what it’s like when you stop working (at the only job you’ve ever had) and find yourself wondering what do I do now?

How do you create space for the things you want in life? Darren shares that his default was to work, stay busy and be active. Making time for other things (like recording this podcast) didn’t come easily. Find out why it was initially hard for Darren to slow down, and the realization that it was time to make different choices.

How do you create a life you love? It’s not always clear exactly how that can happen. Find out the question that Kimberley asked almost daily so they could figure out what their next chapter would be like.

How do you change your mind-set? Darren shares how he’s still living his dad’s money story and how it continues to show up. When Kimberley asks him if he can accept his wealth the answer isn’t what you’d expect.

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