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The Accidental Millionaire

Nov 20, 2020

Darren and Kimberley are back with a couple of aha moments realized when they were on a walk. Darren shares how he fell into his career of 43 years. It brought him money and esteem in the community. In case you don’t live in Edmonton, he’s the “door guy” and spent 43 years at his (one and only) job.

It wasn’t always easy to be part of a family owned business. Darren shares how he quit many times, and why he always ended up coming back.

Aha moment: This wasn’t a career he picked, and not one that he really wanted. He shares what he really wanted to do, and what Kimberley would have guessed he wanted to do – they are not the same!

Kimberley created a program called Women with Edge. It’s designed to help people move forward. She doesn’t want people to be stuck in their stories, and sometimes that isn’t easy to hear.

Aha moment: She realized that for many years, she was softening her edge (to please others) and she doesn’t want to go back to that.

These two are on a mission to help others see the possibilities in life. This episode will give you a behind the scenes look at how they ended up where they are today.