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The Accidental Millionaire

Apr 29, 2022

Join me as I  break down the three most important pillars to creating success and wealth. Being born into chaos and poverty, money and wealth were elusive…but the one thing I learned was that if I wanted it, I needed to go get it! 

The three things that have impacted me as an entrepreneur, business owner and overall human are personal growth & development, healing and serving. 

These might not be the top three business/wealth growth tools for everyone, but for this little girl from foster care, I could never ever imagine the life I have now if I had stayed the same. 

Personal growth leads to new thinking…this is a process, not an event. This takes time. One must learn new ways of thinking and integrating it into life. Confidence is built in this way. As you learn new things, you become more courageous and reach for new opportunities. It is critical for expansion and success. 

Healing…which is where the real magic is for mindset, money, leadership, internal wholeness…it is the transformation that brings forth new life. This is also attached to personal growth. Be mindful…trauma shows up in our lives in many ways, not always in the ways we think. High performing, goal orientated, highly ambitious…these traits can also be a result of trauma. 

Serving - it is vital to give back. This helps us to be grounded, to give back and to create a legacy.

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